By Law death has to be registered within 24 hours of occurrence. The good thing is that the process of registering a death in Singapore is relatively straight forward. Follow the 3 simple steps below:

  • Get the Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)

When death occurs, you will need a doctor to certify the cause of death and issue the CCOD. This could be the doctor in attendance at the hospital or your family doctor if death occurred at home.

  • Engage an Undertaker or you can engage us at +65 9639 2492

Upon obtaining the CCOD, you will be able to engage an undertaker. There are many funeral services companies in Singapore. Be sure you engage a reputable one with a transparent pricing policy. You won't want to be shocked with a final bill with many hidden charges when presented with the final bill.

  • Register the Death

Death registration can be done at any neighborhood police post or the Registry of Birth and Death. Their address is:

                                                        10 Kallang Road Level 3 Singapore 208718 (Nearest MRT Station: Lavender)

For deaths in Government or Government Restructured Hospitals, there is an added option of registering the death in the hospital itself.

To register the death, you will need to bring along your identification papers (i.e. IC or Passport) and that of the deceased plus the CCOD. You also have to decide if the body is to be buried or cremated as this decision has to be made at the point of registration.

Once the registration is completed, the death certificate will be issued.


Documents Required At Police Post / Registry of Birth and Death

  • Certificate of Cause of Death issued by Doctors or Authorised Officers (i.e. Forensic Death Investigators) from the Ministry of Health

  • Deceased's identification documents (e.g. NRIC or passport) for cancellation

  • Informant's identification documents (e.g. NRIC or passport)


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What To Do When Death Occur?

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