Soka Funeral Package


What is included in our Soka funeral package?

1   Premium Half Glass Casket

     1.1)  Glass hearse


2)   Manpower Services

      2.2)  Collection of deceased from hospital or home

      2.3)  Sending of deceased to the wake location

      2.4)  Funeral ceremony

      2.5)  Booking of cremation / burial 

      2.6)  Funeral Notice

      2.7)  Ash Collection services

      2.8)  Pall Bearers

3)   Professional Embalming & Make-Up services


4)   Tentage Setup (HDB setup quantity)

      4.1) 18" Wake enclosure

      4.2) Curtain and carpet setup for staging

      4.3) 25 Tables ( 15 Square x 10 Round tables) 

      4.4) 100 plastic chairs

      4.5) 6 standing fans

      4.6) Lighting enough for enclosed funeral wake

5)   Soka Religious Setup

6)   Reception Table Setup

      6.1) Safe Box for white packets

      6.2) Condolence book

      6.3) Plastic folder and stationary set


7)  Photo Enlargement Service

      7.1) 6 passport size photo

8)  Flower Arrangements

     8.1) 1 Deceased table

     8.2) 1 Photo flower wreath


9)   Mobile Toilet


10) Air-conditioning Coach x 45 pax


                                 End of list 


For more inquiry with regards to our funeral packages or funeral services, we are always ready to take your call at anytime of the day, pre-arrangement for funeral can be made in advance.

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