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Funeral Services in Singapore vary significantly due to its multi racial population and dialect groups in Singapore. Each individual religion has its own culture beliefs incorporated onto the way how funeral should be setup and arranged. Thus our funeral service provides free consultations to make sure we understand and be mindful when giving advice and making arrangements.

Types Of Funeral Services

As a comprehensive one stop funeral provider in Singapore, we are actively innovating and bringing more services to cater towards our client's needs. The following are types funeral services we currently offer.

For more inquiry with regards to our funeral packages or services, we are always ready to take your call at anytime of the day, pre-arrangement for funeral can be made in advance.

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Why Choose Singapore Funeral Sanctuary?

At Singapore Funeral Sanctuary, we can only imagine the pain and grief one feel after losing a loved one. we understand, many of us are lost and confuse at what to do when death occur hence by engaging us you do not have to shoulder the responsibility by yourselves. 

Whats more, our funeral services package is transparent in both price and item detailing which forms the basis of funeral planning. All you have to do is choose a package that is most suitable and the rest will be handle by us. Funeral planning has never been easier.

With over 20 years of experiences of handling funeral arrangements for bereaved families, we are familiar with the various type of funeral settings and cultures that fits different ethnic groups in Singapore.

You only have one life, live and leave with no regrets left behind.


Just like a funeral planning, you can only have one in your lifetime.


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