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Repatriation services are required if death occurs outside of the home country. The process of bringing home a body from a foreign country (repatriation of remains) usually involves these steps:

  • Obtaining of the death certificate

  • Registering the death at the respective embassy

  • Engaging a local experienced funeral director to handle the outbound repatriation logistics

  • Engaging a funeral director in the home country to handle the inbound logistics

Documentation Required for Repatriation

While the documentation may differ from country to country, in general, before a casket can leave a country, a permit is required. To apply for this permit, you will usually need the following documents:

  • Death Certificate

  • Embalming Certificate

  • Encoffin Certificate

Repatriation from Singapore

  • Collection of body for embalming and encoffin

  • Raising of the vital paperwork to obtain the coffin export permit

  • Handle all logistics matters to send the body back to the home country

  • Booking of flights as well as accommodation for the bereaved family

  • Providing a holding area while waiting clearance for repatriation

Repatriation to Singapore

  • Handling of all necessary paperwork and logistics to ensure the remains is allowed into Singapore 

  • Actual staging of funeral including burial or cremation arrangements

  • Accompanying of family member to foreign country to offer advise on collection and repatriation of the remains (optional add-on request)

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