Pre-planning of funeral services in Singapore has in recent times becoming the norm. This is to ensure after passing, the deceased last words can be heard by his/her loved ones. Pre-planning also enable one to plan according to his/her wishes as they worry that their families might overspent or family members funeral arrangement is not in accordance to the deceased wishes.

Do you know, Estate planning is also part of Pre-planning?

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary also provides services for :

  • Will Writing

  • CPF Nomination

  • Insurance Nomination

  • Lasting Power Of Attorney

  • Advance Medical Directive

To understand better why Estate planning is vital, visit our Estate planning page link here

  • Peace of mind

  • Self written/Video recorded eulogy to support family members after your passing

  • Last words can be heard by your loved ones specifically 

  • Expense control 

  • Ensure your religious beliefs to be carried out the way you want

Simply put, Pre-planning is like Will-writing. You will be able to have your wishes heard and executed exactly the way you want it to be.


To view our list of packages and package breakdown, Kindly visit the link below

5 Benefits of Pre-Planning

For more inquiry with regards to our funeral packages or services, we are always ready to take your call at anytime of the day, pre-arrangement for funeral can be made in advance.

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