What Happens If COVID-19 deaths overwhelm Funeral Homes In Singapore?

As many people has seen what happens in the US, Italy and Indonesia, we are able to understand and gain insight on what would it be like if any country's hospital and funeral home get overwhelmed.

1) Dead people on the streets.

It is heartbreaking for anyone to see their loved ones being abandon off the streets just because they are contagious. However Singapore strategically has more than 23 hospitals across the whole nation and anyone would be able to seek health care at about every corner. Due to the small size Singapore is as a country, emergency vehicles can arrive at a faster time as well.

2) Freezer truck used to preserve dead bodies

This happens in US as hospital mortuary gets to full capacity and will have to rely on external freezing vehicle to preserve dead bodies from going bad due to human bodily fluid decomposition while waiting for the bodies to be sent to a burial ground. Funeral services in Singapore are able to send bodies to crematorium located near the heart of Singapore from any location within an hours time. Due to the fact that Singapore has a small land size, crematorium is widely encourage thus saving time to dig up a burial spot.

3) Man-power funeral services has during COVID-19 crisis

You'll be surprised that Singapore has more than 30 funeral homes catering towards funeral services in Singapore.

Although much thanks goes to our front-line workers from healthcare services, we should take great measures in protecting ourselves. we certainly do not want to have our funeral services and healthcare services get overwhelmed. Singapore has a great infrastructure but that is not to be unbreakable, every country has their limit to what they can and can not do. We certainly do not wish and hope for what we observed in other places to happen on our country.

For families who unfortunately lost a loved one to COVID-19, we can only imagine the pain and suffering you might be going through right now. Do check out on Space burial by Empyrean Space @ to see how you can commemorate loved one at a later time when the pandemic is over. Everyone deserves a dignified send off and funeral service done to celebrate and honor their incredible life.

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