*UPDATED* Circuit Breaker Preventive Measures on 7/4/2020

From the recent announcement delivered by PM Lee there will be strict movement control to be place with effect 7/4/2020. Many funeral homes in Singapore are confused with the new preventive measures and are confused of what actions are needed to be taken to continue providing funeral services.

There will be no impact on the Funeral Services sector.

Funeral services is deem essential and would continue its services as usual before the circuit breaker kicks in. Meaning to say, all funeral home are to adhere to the preventive measures of :

1) Compulsory temperature taking exercise

2) Log book for guest sign in/out for contact tracing purposes if the need arises

3) Keeping wake area clean and sanitized

4) Keeping wake area well ventilated

5) Mandai crematorium hall to hold 10 pax excluding monk and staff required in the hall for assistance / video streaming for those guest in the waiting area.

Further clarification on Mandai crematorium restriction

1) Allowed 10 pax are not restricted to only family members staying in the same household.

2) any 10 pax chosen to enter by family member are ALLOWED which includes friends and distance relatives.

Last but not least, 10 pax are excluded any of our funeral service stuff or monks/priest if religious beliefs permits the presences of one. which is to sum it to 10 + 1 (funeral service staff) + 1 (monk or priest) = 12

At Singapore Funeral Sanctuary, we adhere to all guidelines provisioned by the local authorities closely to safeguard interest of the public health and safety during this pandemic crisis. We place safety as our priority for the public and bereaved families alike and will continue to serve with great compassion during this difficult time.

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe.

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