Update : Singapore Funeral Services During COVID-19, Collaboration with Empyrean Space

While many families are robbed of the chance to grieve properly during COVID-19 a new Singapore startup Empyrean Space has came up with the idea to provide families during such difficult moment to grieve and celebrate loved ones.

Empyrean Space dedicated spaceflight programs to launch cremated remains of loved ones to space and in it's final tribute, it harmlessly re-enter Earth's atmosphere and blazing up like a shooting star.

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary is proud to be a exclusive agent to provide Space Burial / Space memorial services to our clients during this period.

While many sees Singapore funeral services as unfulfilling, meaningless and unsatisfied that only 10 participants are allowed at any time to pay their respect; it is without a doubt that funeral services in Singapore is losing of its fundamental essence.

Traditionally, a typical Singapore Funeral service aside from performing prayers and funeral rites, it is to bring friends, families and close acquaintance together to share the life of the loved one, to comfort families over their lost of loved one. Due to the COVID-19 Circuit breaker, this has seem to be futile.

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary as part of their Funeral Services in Singapore is committed to explore new trends and methods to help families come to a closure over the lost of their loved ones. As part of the Empyrean Space memorial service, families how has the chance to prolong and defer holding a memorial service till a later date to commemorate their loved ones.

It allows families to grieve longer and gradually slowly coming to accept the fact that their loved one has gone to a better place. On the other hand, as Singapore does not permit any launch of spacecraft, families who participate on spaceflight memorial are able to take time off their regular lifestyle to travel one last time with their loved ones remains to a foreign country where the launch takes place.

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary will only introduce new trends by putting ourselves into our client's shoe before making decision on enrolling such projects, we truely felt that this is pretty romantic and beautiful to part-ways with a loved one and suffer less emotional damage compared to traditional funeral services in Singapore.

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