Update : COVID-19 impact on Funeral Services in Singapore

As Singapore's cases for COVID-19 Positive taking a huge spike. Funeral homes in Singapore such as Singapore Funeral Sanctuary has been preparing for the worst case scenario.

At Singapore Funeral Sanctuary, we look at countries that has been hit hard such as United States, Italy and Spain. It is crucial that we learn from other countries and take strict precautionary action before Singapore's healthcare and funeral homes are overwhelmed. After all it is best to assume the worst and prepare for it.

Next, Singapore Funeral Sanctuary have partnered with Equatorial Space Industries to promote Spaceflight memorial services for those who does not wish to hold any wakes or vigil during this pandemic crisis. We have prepared to serve customers who :

1) Do not wish to hold funeral wake or funeral services during COVID-19 crisis

2) Wish to defer funeral services until Singapore is safe to do so

3) Financially impacted due to COVID-19 and wish to have a more affordable alternative

4) Commemorate love ones in a unique and compelling manner.

Please visit : for more information on our collaborative service.

While we do not wish the worst to occur, we still have to prepare for the worst. Singapore Funeral Sanctuary is committed to serve any funeral services and its subsidiary is readily to take on the challenging circumstances to fulfill the needs of bereaved families during these difficult time.

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