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At Singapore Funeral Sanctuary, we provide funeral services such as funeral arrangements and funeral packages.

We cater our funeral services towards all death cases ranging from - Suicides, Miscarriage, Natural death and unnatural deaths.

Understanding how funeral packaging

Many people think funeral services are expensive and can't decide which funeral home to engage for funeral services.

Think of funeral packages as a shell and funeral services as add-on. Firstly you pick a theme/ Religious setup for the funeral wake you want; be it Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic or Free-Thinker. Funeral home nowadays provide quite a comprehensive funeral packages that cover all basic needs for a funeral wake.

Next, think of additional personalized funeral services you need. This can range from catering, cinematography, extensive praying sessions, Traditional hearse, bands, wifi etc etc. This usually come at extra charges out of the basic funeral packages offered.

Lastly, choosing of burial services. Do you want your loved one to be buried traditionally under the soil? scattering of ashes into the sea or mountains? sending your love ones into outer space? or placing their remains at a niche in a local columbarium? All of these are usually funeral services excluded from funeral packages fee so do consider the idea setup you want or simple contact Singapore Funeral Sanctuary to help assist you making the right decision.

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