Singapore Buddhist Funeral, Ritual and Rites

Updated: Mar 2

Buddhist Funeral Rites

Buddhist funeral rites are an important aspect of life grounded in the basic concepts such as:

* Death is merely a transition

* Reinforce ancestral family filial piety and restoring harmony and order

* Family bond continues between the deceased and the living

Chinese Buddhist funeral customs can be seen as a mix of belief systems without the doctrine and dogma of many other religion this is due to its many branches in Buddhism and elaborateness in the different dialect especially in Singapore where our local community is well diverse.

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary's basic Buddhist funeral package covers the fundamental needs of a Buddhist funeral so you do not have to worry if what to choose is suitable for the deceased

Rites performed during a Buddhist funeral may include the following:

* Chanting of the Heart Sutra during en-coffining

* Enlightenment ceremonies in which monks recite the Amitabha Sutra as a contemplation of Amitabha Buddha and the pure land.

How family members participate in a Buddhist funeral setting

The death of a loved one provide Buddhist family members the opportunity to practice filial piety by ensuring the funeral and surrounding events are solemn, simple and dignified.

Mourners can also take part in the monk-led chanting procession during en-coffining, enlightenment ceremonies and cremation.

Family members can also spend time with the deceased before the funeral day and may make offerings of food or flowers

While most monks usually perform Buddhist funeral rites, mourners and family members of the Buddhist community may also led the funeral services to deliver eulogies or sermons.

The Buddhist funeral may include a wake during which family members and friends pay their respects to the departed and console one another making it a meaningful event.

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