Overcoming the loss of a loved one

Losing loved one can traumatic at times. Coping with loss can be a very inner personal experience that you do not wish to speak to others about. Here are some of the basic and universal guides to the bereavement and grief process. By knowing this few steps; we hope it will help guide you to work through your grief over the loss of a loved one.

STEP 1: Embracing the nostalgic memories of a loved one

Re-visiting places that you and your loved ones visited gets you emotional. There are times emotions may get the best out of you but embrace it close to your heart. Sometimes the best medicine to heal is time as death is inevitable for every living creatures that walks the Earth.

Do remind yourself in your time of bereavement and grief that your feeling are truthfully yours and they are well within the norm. It is very important that your personal process to understand that there are no right or wrong and when it comes to personal feelings about losing a loved one.

STEP 2: Gathering support

While there may be times where you are coping with the loss when you’ll want to be alone, it’s important to gather a support group around you in times of need. These can be friends, family and perhaps a therapist. The death of a loved one usually left with a huge void in the life for the living next of kin that can be at least filled with keep yourself busy or people to share your grief with.

STEP 3: Turn to religious support and understanding various teachings and guidance towards life

Look for your religious leader to understand more about your faith and teaching or learn other's faith about life and death. This would help guide you towards accepting the loss over a loved one better.

As a personal experience, there was a point in life whereby i'm "lost" but during one of a trips overseas to escape the busy lifestyle in Singapore i chance upon a Buddhist temple with pillars quote " Eventually everything will come to an end ". Simple words but with a degree of depth to understand it. To my understanding it taught me " no matter how life is tough right now, it will come to a pass eventually "


Author David K. Switzer talks about the need to rediscover life in his book of Dynamics of Grief: Its Source, Pain and Healing. While this pain of your loss is real and must be felt, there will be a time where you must begin to live on your own life again. By overcoming the fear of death of a loved one, you will come to a stage where you start to accept the death as a reality. You will find yourself able to move forward and embrace your life without your loved one by your side. In the end everyone will leave and move on to their new chapter. Your process through bereavement and grief are your own. Everyone will react differently to cope with loss. Above all, be kind to yourself and everyone around you and you will wake up one day and find the pain start to subside and life goes on.

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