How To Choose A Funeral Home?

For the bereaved family, the passing of a loved one is often difficult to bear. The period of time spanning the wake to interment is extremely emotionally draining as the family has to cope with both the grief of loss and the complexity of handling a funeral. It is therefore very important that the family appoints a reliable Funeral Home to handle the funeral arrangements, as the consequences of a wrong choice can lead to added stress during this time of grief and financial loss.

So for those who are facing an imminent death within the family, this guide on how to choose a Funeral Home is for you.

1) Do Your Research as Soon as Possible

Never wait till the very last moment before appointing a Funeral Director from a Funeral Home. You will need time to research, compare and shortlist the good ones and this process will take time. Those who hire funeral service providers without doing any background checks will sometimes regret their decision.

They may end up being over charged, fall victim to bait and switch techniques or even find themselves dealing with undertakers who are inexperienced or unreliable. In a country like Singapore where funeral traditions are lost with each passing generation, the bereaved family is often clueless when it comes to funeral matters. Hiring an equally inexperience or clueless undertaker will only add to your grief and stress. So do your research early and never hire purely base on what you read on a Funeral Home's website. Even the black sheep’s in our industry will say that they are good; it’s after all their website.

2) Read Reviews

By this we don’t mean testimonial on their website. These could be self-written. Instead, check forums like Hardware Zone for reviews from forum members. Are these reviews pre-dominantly positive? Or do they have many disgruntled customers?

Does the Funeral Home have a Facebook page? If so, does he allow reviews there. Facebook reviews are a great source of information as Facebook does not allow page admins to delete negative reviews. So if a funeral services provider has many satisfied customers on their Facebook reviews page, chances are they are reliable and well loved by their customers. If there are only a handful of reviews on the page, exercise caution even if these reviews are generally favourable. Why? Because these could be reviews from friends. Many business owners invite friends to leave a review on their Facebook page and reviews from friends are generally bias.

3) Compare Prices

Price comparison is not always that straight forward. Many Funeral Home offer packages but the items included in these packages can vary greatly between companies. For example, some funeral packages mobile toilets, ceremonial items in their quotes while others don’t. It is therefore important to get the funeral company to provide a detailed list of items included before a meaningful comparison can be reached.

4) Ensure The Funeral Home Offer the Services You Need And Not Pushy For " Additional Services "

Ensuring the package you pick up offers what you need. Many Funeral Homes offer package with unneeded services that will cost extras at the end of the funeral wake

5) Comfort Level

What are your vibes when you first meet the representatives of the company? Do you feel comfortable with them? Do not be tempted just by price. Instead. trust your instinct. No matter how cheap a company’s funeral packages are, the last thing you need is dealing with people who send you negative vibes during your time of grief.

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