Non-Religious Funeral Package 

Package Includes

Setup Available For

HDB Void Deck & Multi-Purpose Hall

From SGD$4000 Est. (3 days)

Funeral Parlours

From SGD$3700 Est. (3 days)

Landed Estate

From SGD$3700 Est. (3 days)

Lanterns in a Tent

Non-Religious Funeral Guide

Our Non-Religious package fulfill the basic needs to the most detailed and personalized requirements needed.

Tentage setup can be primarily [White] or [Ivory] depending on the family's choice of preference. Our Package are designed to cover all essentials needs of a Non-Religious funeral so you do not have to worry what's missing or excessive. 

Hospital Waiting Room

Immediate Response   

Upon receiving your call, a funeral director will meet and discuss details of funeral proceedings at the hospital, home or place of death

After confirmations is done for the selection of funeral services, undertaker will be present with necessary equipments to receive your loved one and transport he/she to the embalming facility

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A simple casket will be sufficient unless immediate members has a specific preference based on their own faith and beliefs. 

Memorial Candle

Eulogy & Prayers

Family and friends usually come together to support another in time of grief. Eulogies tend to take place on a non-religious funeral procession. However prayers may be included based on the preference of his/her family member's faith and beliefs. 

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Provision of Offerings

  • Provision of flower wreath for loved one's photo

Depending on immediate family member's preference based on their faith and beliefs. arrangement for religious deity and offering may be provided.


Drinks & Paper Effigies

Kindly note that size of families and numbers of visitors affects goods used greatly in a funeral setting. Items such as drinks, incense and joss paper are provided where needed. These items are charged based on the consumption throughout the funeral wake instead of bulk quantity. This will ensure no oversupply and wastage of resources.

Portfolio for your reference

For more inquiry with regards to our funeral packages or funeral services, we are always ready to take your call at anytime of the day, pre-arrangement for funeral can be made in advance.

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